Student Walk Away With 1st Prize in Heritage Competition

To celebrate Heritage Month during October 2004, The International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC) ran an on-line competition on South Africa's official national web portal, asking people to describe the many ways South Africans at home and abroad can celebrate the national heritage. 19-year-old Tuelo Gabonewe from Sunrise Park in Rustenburg walked away with first prize, a commemorative Silver Coin celebrating the 10 Years of Democracy, courtesy of the IMC and the South African Gold Coin Exchange.

Tuelo's contribution was judged the best entry, beating others from as far afield as Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America and Tanzania. He is currently studying BA in Development and Management at the North West University, Vaal Triangle Campus.

The International Marketing Council is a public-private partnership aimed at promoting South Africa locally and abroad in terms of Trade, Investment and Tourism. Because of this, it is responsible for the content on South Africa's official internet gateway to information, and usually engages online visitors on a global scale to take part in activities that celebrate the essence of being a South African. The portal has an extensive global reach, and recently achieved a milestone of 1 million page impressions a month.


IMC Chief Executive Officer Yvonne Johnston says:

"We are encouraged that young South Africans are spearheading this thrust towards national pride. We have already seen a growing number of South African companies using the concept of national pride in their advertising messages to demonstrate that South Africans are proud of who we are, what we have and how we do things. More and more South Africans are buying into this concept and realizing that promoting South Africa is everybody's business. Tuelo's winning entry encapsulates that spirit and is a source of encouragement for the IMC and everybody else that's involved in marketing the country."