South African Pride at All-Time High

Research shows that 93% of South Africans are positive

Findings released this week by FutureFact 2004 have confirmed what many have sensed and commented on during the last year, that the mindsets of South Africans towards the country have become increasingly positive and national pride is becoming an intrinsic part of South African culture.

The results of the study seem to indicate that a new patriotism is taking root, challenging the view expressed by some that South Africa has merely experienced a "honeymoon" period over the last 10 years. There is evidence of a strengthening of the commitment to, and increasing the alignment with, the values and character of the country that has developed since 1994.

In the main, the study highlights a continued trend amongst South Africans to strongly identify with the country and feel pride in it and enthusiasm for it. This trend is also accompanied by significant levels of confidence and willingness to be involved in the effort to make South Africa a better a place.

The third South African Mindsets study conducted during the last two years, part of the FutureFact survey, categorised South Africans into six mindset groupings The South African Mindsets study was initiated by the International Marketing Council of South Africa and was designed in partnership with FutureFact. It uses a mindset segmentation of the South African population to measure attitudes, perceptions and behaviour trends and dynamics, rather than traditional socio-economic, political and demographic categorisations.

Jos Kuper, Director at FutureFact, comments: "The mindset segmentation is an innovative and more relevant way to view the South African population when measuring non-commercial or purchasing mindsets in relation to brands. Most encouraging is the New Believers category. In last year's research, this particular group of the population was significantly less positive and could actually be called Brand Rejectors. Now their initial pessimism is giving way to a growing confidence."

Yvonne Johnston, CEO of the International Marketing Council, observes:

"The International Marketing Council is very encouraged by the results. We are especially excited by the new, more forward-looking approach that South Africans are adopting with which to view themselves, the country and the challenges that we face. Our challenge is not to convert South Africans in to brand-loyal supporters but rather to equip and mobilise them as brand ambassadors and advocates for the country. Marketing South Africa is everybody's business, as every South African stands to benefit from a better-positioned South Africa."

The survey was based on the SABC's Market Intelligence and PeoplePanel research conducted in 2003. The research sampled 7,265 households, using a questionnaire which was developed in association with FutureFact. In early 2004, a sample of 3636 of national representative households were once again asked the rest of the FutureFact questions. On both occasions the fieldwork was conducted by AC Nielsen.

FutureFact is an ongoing multi-dimensional research project, a joint venture between researchers, planners, analyst and futurists, subscribed to or sponsored by several leading South African companies and organisations. It is a useful platform for sharing information and ideas on a number of topical issues with aim of advancing the frontiers of growth and success in the local business environment